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Brand origin

Blue Whale Soundproof doors and windows” originated in 1983 and officially registered as a trademark in 1993. The founder of Blue Whale was deeply influenced by European architectural culture and insisted on the philosophy of “aesthetic lifestyle and craft art”, and upheld the ideal of “enhancing the aesthetic of Taiwan’s cities”. The company has been developing since then.

Upholding philosophy/ Holding on to beliefs

Due to the perseverance in various aspects, the brand went through a 15-year business downturn and faced financial difficulties at one point. However, not a single employee resigned because of this. Instead, they became more united and supported the founder’s pursuit of developing craftsmanship and performance. As a result, today’s “Blue Whale soundproof doors and windows” not only match aesthetics but also perfectly integrate with practicality in daily life.
As time passed, Blue Whale brand and quality have been widely recognized and appreciated. They insist on direct sales and manufacturing in Taiwan, and their excellent integrity and reputation have propelled them into the circles of musicians and wealthy individuals.

Cross-disciplinary aesthetics and self-breakthrough

In 1998, in collaboration with the Taiwanese engraver “Chen Wei-Long,” Blue Whale introduced the “H3 Cloud” double-opening door, combining cast aluminum with hand-carved craftsmanship. Each piece took at least 30 days to carve, and after thousands of clouds were completed, they were seamlessly integrated into the door panels, presenting a soaring and elegant beauty. That same year, they also launched the Japanese-inspired collection, inaugurating the H3 Art Door series.

In 2009, Blue Whale collaborated with Taiwanese artist “Wu Tso-chang” to launch the “H4 Florence” oil painting double doors, which reproduced European style and were hailed as a masterpiece of the era of craftsmanship.
In 2012, Blue Whale launched a series of works with Taiwan’s Yanzi Lake as the theme. Among them, the “H3 Lake Wave” double doors, with their vibrant artistic presentation, won the Golden Pin Design Award and brought the beauty of Taiwan’s landscapes to the world.
In 2014, Blue Whale collaborated with the well-known design company “JOS Design” to launch the “H3 Sea Wave” double doors. By combining cast aluminum materials with 3D painting, they presented the sparkling light waves of the sea. This product won the Red Dot Design Award, leading Taiwan’s doors and windows industry to breakthroughs and innovation.

In 2016, Blue Whale made a bold attempt to use solid Burmese teakwood that was over 70 years old and weighed hundreds of kilograms to decorate its doors. They also extensively researched and developed the structure of the doors, collaborated with woodcraft artisans on carving and assembling, and created the Blue Whale Collection Doors: “H3 Lake Reflection” and “H3 Original”. With these doors, people in Taiwan can now enjoy the beauty of natural wood aesthetics, even in the damp and harsh climate of Taiwan’s four seasons, without having to worry about issues such as wood decay and deterioration.

In 2019, Blue Whale Artistic Design team created the “Mykonos” door series specifically designed for women. The team traveled to Greece for inspiration, using the color blue as the theme and incorporating cultural elements to create three unique doors: “Sky Blue,” “Deep Sea Blue,” and “Misty Blue.” By combining the gentleness of a home with the strength of steel, these doors have a unique charm.

In 2020, Blue Whale collaborated with Taiwanese engraver Wei-Long Chen to launch the “H3 Cloud” double-opening door. The aluminum material was combined with hand-carved engravings, with each piece taking at least 30 days to complete. After thousands of clouds were carved, they were integrated with the door panels to present the meaning of boundless growth and progress.

In 2021, Blue Whale introduced a new material called “titanium gold” and combined it with over 70-year-old Burmese teakwood to create the “H4 New Lake Garden” door, showcasing the combination of primitive and modern art. In the same year, they also released the “H4 New Lake Garden” door made by German tailors with hand-sewn cowhide, taking 180 days to complete one stitch at a time. It was praised by supercar enthusiasts as a masterpiece of craftsmanship.

In 2022, the “Blue Whale Villa” villa exhibition center base will be built to design doors and windows for villa customers. In addition to displaying the doors and windows of Blue Whale, it will also promote the aesthetics of life, share advanced building materials and construction methods, shorten the distance between buildings and people, increase the practicality of life, and improve the quality and enjoyment of life.

In 2023, Blue Whale Villa will release new products. Artist Chen John was invited to create the “Star Diamond Series”. The façade is made of titanium, hand-carved, and sold in limited quantities. In addition to the collection’s value, the product is more in line with living, sound insulation, fire prevention, and smoke insulation needs. They mainly target the world’s top luxury real estate clients.

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