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【180 Professional Soundproof Door】Vision Hall for Hsinchu City

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【180 Professional Soundproof Door】Vision Hall for Hsinchu City

The “Wind City Vision Hall,” located in Hsinchu Park, was originally the venue for gatherings, social events, and recreational performances of the Air Force Engineering Corps. It later fell into disuse and became known as the “Mosquito Hall.” The Hsinchu City Government decided to transform it into a “music and arts performance space” and enhance its sound insulation capabilities. It has now become a medium-sized venue capable of accommodating 600 spectators. The renovation project injects new energy into the old building while incorporating the needs of young people. It will serve as a live house where music enthusiasts can enjoy performances and showcase their talents, providing a higher quality cultural and artistic environment.

All entrances and exits are equipped with Blue Whale soundproof doors. One of the door sizes measures 300 cm wide and 300 cm high, offering convenience and ease of operation. The surrounding external windows also feature Blue Whale steel soundproof glass. The goal is to create a space with excellent sound insulation. After installation, the acoustic performance will be tested on-site by a third party, and the owner is extremely satisfied with the results.

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