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【H3 Rough Stone】Tseng House in Taoyuan

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The homeowner, who enjoys playing golf, resides near a renowned golf course. From the outset, they expressed their preference for a weather-resistant door design that requires minimal upkeep. They also desired a design that allows for the door panels to be opened, enabling natural light to flood the interior and ensuring proper airflow. To fulfill this vision, a folding screen is incorporated on the exterior of the door. During regular days, the folding screen can be neatly folded to the side, and when transparency is desired, it can be easily pushed open. This design serves the dual purpose of enhancing aesthetics and eliminating the need to open both door panels every time.

For the interior, a stone design is employed, as the homeowner appreciates the natural texture displayed by stones. Each piece possesses a unique design, showcasing the homeowner’s personal and elegant taste.

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