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【Horizontal Design】National Taiwan University Activity Center

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Blue Whale is honored to have gained the recognition of Taiwan’s top university. The National Taiwan University (NTU) has chosen to use Blue Whale’s soundproof doors in its First Student Activity Center.

After many years of use, NTU decided to undertake a comprehensive renovation of the First Activity Center, taking into consideration the need for sound insulation. Professors and staff made a special visit to Blue Whale’s showroom in Taipei to inspect the details and experience the soundproofing effects firsthand. As a result, all the entrance doors of the Activity Center are equipped with Blue Whale’s soundproof door models. For the side doors, the university wished to maintain the previous design to preserve a sense of continuity. Blue Whale’s aluminum entrance doors were selected for the main entrances. Following the installation, the on-site soundproofing tests yielded highly satisfactory results.

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