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【Moat】Taipei Xinyi Road

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The design of the moat is like a trace of the two-dimensional world compressed in time. It resembles the ripples formed in the moat outside the besieged city, caused by soldiers treading on it during ancient Roman warfare…

During the renovation of the old house, the goal was to isolate the outdoor noise from the past and avoid the situation where money was saved by using a regular door, only to later spend more money improving soundproofing.

In this project, the entrance door was customized to a larger size. Although it is a heavy soundproof door, it is equipped with three-dimensional heavy-duty hinges that have passed the load test at the Gui Tian Laboratory. The door firmly holds its position and requires minimal effort to open and close. Even if the door sags due to an earthquake, it can be easily adjusted back to its normal position without the need to replace the entire door, unlike traditional doors where sagging would mean replacing the hinges.

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