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【Provence Type O】Taipei Zhan’s House

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1+1=3, A Comfortable and Tranquil New Life

Preparing for the arrival of their new baby and looking forward to a peaceful home environment, the homeowners visited the Neihu showroom with great anticipation. The little baby was full of energy, still in the mother’s womb!

In consideration of the safety and tranquility of their new family member, the homeowners chose Blue Whale’s soundproof door as the entrance door for their new home. The interior design of their home adopts a simple and comfortable white color scheme, and they wanted to incorporate elements of natural wood texture to complement the overall aesthetic. They specifically selected Blue Whale’s Provence series – the Provence O-type/Composite solid wood combined with cast aluminum. In recent years, the natural and original texture of materials has become increasingly popular in interior design styles, replacing the processed and rigid cold tones.

The door has been installed for a few months now, and the homeowners have happily moved in. Whether it’s the energetic cries of the little baby at home or the footsteps of neighbors in the corridor outside, the sounds from both sides do not disturb each other. The Blue Whale soundproof entrance door effectively isolates the sounds from both inside and outside the living space, providing a satisfying soundproofing effect for the homeowners.

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