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【Type 120 A】Taipei Chen Mansion

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Upgrade Your Home Entrance with the 120A Soundproof Entrance Door | Enhanced Soundproofing and Safety | Taipei Chen Gongguan

The homeowner living in a community high-rise building in Taipei decided to renovate their home, as the existing door didn’t match the interior design and appeared outdated, resulting in poor sound insulation. Conversations and TV sounds from inside could be heard clearly outside, compromising privacy. Therefore, they made the decision to install a soundproof entrance door.

The 120A Soundproof Entrance Door features a clean and durable titanium gold strip on the front, enhancing its appearance. With its double airtight structure, it reduces noise levels by 40 decibels, effectively blocking sounds such as dog barking and children’s crying. The homeowner upgraded the door lock to the APD-880M Smart Five-in-One Fingerprint Lock, which offers multiple opening modes, including password touch control, card induction, fingerprint recognition, hidden mechanical key, and integrated doorbell function. It provides convenient and easy-to-use settings with Chinese voice guidance, allowing for a seamless smart living experience. The door leaf is also upgraded with a smoke-blocking structure, providing smoke resistance and extending the escape time in case of a fire. The installation process utilizes a frame wrapping structure, eliminating the need to remove the old frame or perform any major construction work. With this meticulous construction method, the installation can be completed within a day.

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