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H3 Lake Reflections | Same Roots, Deeply Cultivating in Gangshan, Self-built Villa from the Ground Up

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Beside the entrance, a tree from the family’s old home was planted, symbolizing the roots and origins of the family.

Next to the old tree, the Blue Whale H3 Lake Reflections complements the surroundings.

Lake Reflections | Inspired by the founder of Blue Whale passing by Yanzi Lake on Bei Wu Highway. In the autumn, the lake’s surface reflects the pleasant scenery created by the weeping willows. The founder said, “The beauty makes time seem to stand still at that moment, yet the lake’s surface continues to vividly reflect the weeping willows, leaving a lasting impression.”

The entrance is not only the face of the house but also a work of art representing the homeowner’s aspirations for life. Initially, the architect wanted the entrance to be attention-grabbing and set it at a high position, but considering the weight of the door would increase with the height, making it difficult for children and the elderly to use it in their daily lives, they were faced with a dilemma. Blue Whale proposed a design with the same style at the top, overcoming the details of the joints and creating a sense of beauty, realizing the dream blueprint of the architect and the homeowner.

The Burmese teak, aged over 70 years, comes from the original forest area of Myanmar. With characteristics such as weather resistance, high stability, clear texture, and rich oils, it is suitable for Taiwan’s rainy coastal climate, remaining unchanged for generations.

When you close the Blue Whale soundproof door, you can fully enjoy a peaceful life and ensure the safety of your home. Blue Whale entrance doors have fully passed the latest 60-minute smoke resistance and F60a fire resistance tests and can provide test report certificates.

This is how life should be—wonderful!

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