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[Type 180 professional soundproof door] Philharmonic sound

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The professional audio company has set up a dedicated showroom to help customers who visit to select their desired products with clarity. To ensure an undisturbed experience, a single-section auxiliary lock is installed to prevent interruptions, allowing customers to fully immerse themselves in the beautiful symphony of sound.

The door frame is specially designed using a non-woven fabric with less than 30 lines, seamlessly blending with the wood grain panel on the surface. Usually, even if the non-woven fabric and wood grain panel are of the same type, there may be some color variations. However, for this project, we were fortunate to have obtained a batch of wood materials with closely matching hues!

Today, an increasing number of audio companies are choosing Blue Whale as their preferred brand for soundproof doors in their showroom spaces. We are grateful for your support and patronage. Thank you!

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