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B-Type Soundproof Doors for Bedroom

Product Introduction

Choose from a wide selection of up to 30 wood grain finishes to create your exclusive style.

Our materials are formaldehyde-free and certified by the Ministry of the Interior for Level 1 fire resistance.

The steel structure is robust and deformation-resistant.

Our exclusive dual airtight smoke-blocking structure patent adds an extra 20 minutes for escape in case of a fire, safeguarding safety.

It effectively blocks thick smoke and odors, increasing evacuation time during a fire. Safety is prioritized for travel and overall safety.

B-Type Soundproof Doors for Bedroom

Standard Specification Price

  • Specifications and dimensions - W90xH210 cm USD$1,600
  • Specifications and dimensions - W90xH220 cm USD$1,700
This product requires a minimum order of 5 units.


Installation service is not included. Please seek local ironworkers for installation.

We can arrange video instructions and guidance on the day of installation.

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Surface Material Styles

Door Frame Baked Paint Color

Surface Material Styles

Door Frame Baked Paint Color

Door Designs


Guesthouse Soundproof Door, Tainan Guesthouse.

Guesthouse Soundproof Door, Tainan Central-West District Guesthouse

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