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Bedroom Anti-riot Soundproof Door

Product Introduction

Replacing traditional safes that have long posed issues with storage space and indoor aesthetics, the Blue Whale Bedroom Armored Soundproof Door serves as both a safe and vault to protect valuable items and personal safety.

The Blue Whale Bedroom Armored Soundproof Door safeguards your belongings while offering customized aesthetic design, soundproofing, fire resistance, and smoke containment.

This door features anti-riot and anti-theft capabilities, ensuring peace of mind against intruders at home. In case of a fire, the F60A fire-resistant structure and 60-minute smoke containment can extend escape time by 20 minutes.



Door Designs


Bedroom Soundproof Door: Home Noise Solution.

Guesthouse Soundproof Door, Tainan Guesthouse.

Bedroom Soundproof Door, Taipei Li Residence

Bedroom Soundproof Door, Taipei Huang Residence

Bedroom Soundproof Door, Changhua Chen Residence

Bedroom Soundproof Door, Taipei Neihu

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