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180 TypeA Soundproof Door (Standard Specification)

Product Introduction

Blue Whale specializes in professional soundproof design tailored for music spaces, effectively eliminating noises such as sleep disturbances, pet barking, and hallway echoes.

Our solutions can be integrated with soundproofing projects to create optimal acoustic environments, surrounding life with an audio feast! Available for sale in Taiwan and various overseas regions.

  • Suitable for: server rooms, side doors, public facilities, offices, meeting rooms
  • Soundproofing: Sound Transmission Class (STC) tested to reduce noise by up to 48 decibels
  • Patented: Blue Whale’s dual airtight structure, EPDM-designed airtight sealing strips
  • Disaster Prevention: Steel structure combined with airtight sealing strips can potentially extend escape time during emergencies or provide a safe waiting space for rescue within the confined area.

180 Type A Soundproof Door

(Standard Specification)

  • Standard Specification and Dimensions W99 x H208 cm USD $1,900

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Surface Material Style Reference

Surface Material Style Reference

Paint Color for Door Frames

Paint Color for Door Frames

Additional Optional Recommendations

Door Designs


[Type 180 professional soundproof door] Imported Japanese jazz drum Kaohsiung agent

[Type 180 professional soundproof door] Lanzhou Street Chen Zhai

[Type 180 professional soundproof door] Kaohsiung Veterans General Elderly Day Care Center

[Type 180 professional soundproof door] Banner Church

[Type 180 professional soundproof door] Philharmonic sound

[Type 180 professional soundproof door] Zhongyue Baixuan

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