H3 Original Form

Product Introduction

“H3 Original Form” – Staying true to its original shape, this design presents a piece of work in the most primitive and natural style of wood, without unnecessary processing, modifications, or beautification. The ancient Roman philosopher Cicero once said: “All things in accordance with nature are the most beautiful.”

Burmese teak is a wood species from a 70-year-old original forest. The Burmese government has since prohibited its export, making genuine Burmese teak a highly rare and precious commodity in today’s solid wood market.

The Blue Whale brand has always been committed to the sustainable development of the natural environment. By chance, we discovered that the wood factory’s leftover corner materials were of excellent quality but had been set aside because their appearance required additional processing.

In such an opportunity, the Blue Whale team decided to reuse these corner materials in the design of doors, bringing the original vitality of the wood back to life in the doors.

In the past, the edges of Burmese teak logs (traditionally referred to as “tree edges” or “white edges”) were not widely used after obtaining the logs. However, these tree edges are rich in oil content and have a solid texture with clear grain patterns! To conserve natural resources, we incorporated these tree edges into the door panels, cleverly matching them with the original teak wood to create a high and low arrangement that showcases the natural, original appearance of teak wood, hence the name “Original Form.”

The formation of “Original Form” is quite delicate. After selecting the tree edge material and planing the surface, the grain patterns and color tones are consistently coordinated, then exposed to sunlight and UV rays outdoors to dry and stabilize the teak wood’s color.

Finally, it undergoes manual segmented grinding and is coated with German natural wood protection paint for surface protection.

The process consists of 8 steps, including material selection, front-end drying and cutting, material selection and sizing, combining panels, outdoor drying and color fixing, grinding and coating, with a total duration of 45 days.

Each door has a unique style in terms of its exterior appearance and color. Therefore, the wood grain patterns and knots of each door are different, and the natural wood grain and marks left by time make each door unique, just like human fingerprints, impossible to replicate.



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Installation service is not included. Please seek local ironworkers for installation.

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