H3 Lake Waves

Product Introduction

Autumn winds at Yanzi Lake create ‘Lake Waves.’ The design is inspired by the scenic beauty of Yanzi Lake on the northern section of Wugu Road.

As autumn arrives, Yanzi Lake in Wulai comes alive. When a gust of autumn wind blows, gentle ripples form on the lake’s surface, layer upon layer, undulating with the breeze. These waves dance to the rhythm of the autumn winds, creating a sense of autumn serenity.

Recipient of the Golden Pin Design Award, this door features a dual airtight insulation structure, ensuring warmth during winter in the living room. The outer frame is crafted from stainless steel, and it boasts a concealed soundproof automatic lowering threshold, providing barrier-free access and convenience for elderly family members while preventing tripping hazards. The interior can be customized with various wood grain panels or tailored to any specific design requirements, enhancing the overall aesthetic of your living space.




Installation service is not included. Please seek local ironworkers for installation.

We can arrange video instructions and guidance on the day of installation.

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