Product Introduction

The design inspiration for “H3 Sea Wave” comes from the beauty of waves rolling in succession, representing the ebb and flow of the ocean, and evoking a sense of tranquility and comfort.

As the sea waves stand tall, they appear to glisten under the sunlight, as if countless pieces of gold were scattered upon the water’s surface, creating a sparkling and captivating spectacle.

This beautiful scenery naturally resonates with the home, requiring no forced effort or elaborate construction. It embodies an artistic lifestyle, accompanied by aesthetics.

The “H3 Sea Wave” design is a collaborative effort between the Blue Whale design team and the renowned domestic firm, “Think-If design.”



Optional Recommendations


Installation service is not included. Please seek local ironworkers for installation.

We can arrange video instructions and guidance on the day of installation.

H3 Sea Wave Smart System

video introduction

A fully automatic smart door system equipped with multiple features such as fingerprint or password authentication, mobile app sensing, remote control, and more. It utilizes smart sensors for unlocking and automatically opening and closing the door leaf, while also incorporating anti-pinch design for safety, convenience, and anti-theft functions.

This system is compatible with all Blue Whale door models and can be customized to match different surface styles according to your needs. It seamlessly integrates with your home’s smart system.

H3 Sea Wave Soundproof Testing

video introduction

This case is located in a multi-story elevator building community in Taoyuan, Taiwan, with a design of one floor shared by two households. The homeowners have four adorable Schnauzer dogs, and every time they return home, they are greeted with the enthusiastic barking of their beloved pets. While the homeowners are delighted by their dogs’ warmth and affection, they also worry that the noise might disturb their neighbors. The original imported Italian door, while sturdy, did not offer any soundproofing.

To address this concern, they opted for Blue Whale’s soundproof door system. These soundproof doors are designed to provide excellent sound insulation, effectively reducing the penetration of external noise while maintaining the door’s sturdiness. This way, when their dogs welcome them home, the soundproof door prevents most of the noise from reaching their neighbors’ living spaces, ensuring the comfort and privacy of all residents.

This case illustrates how Blue Whale’s soundproof door system can effectively address noise concerns in a multi-unit housing setting, providing homeowners with peace of mind and preserving harmonious living conditions with their neighbors.

After finding Blue Whale, the homeowners were looking for a door that offered anti-theft, anti-riot, and soundproof features while having a discreet and luxurious appearance. When they visited the showroom, they fell in love with the Sea Wave Aluminum Casting style. The Sea Wave design resembles the ripples on the sea’s surface, with varying depths of high and low patterns, providing a rich texture and timeless elegance.

Once the installation was complete, on-site soundproof testing was conducted. The barking of their four beloved dogs became significantly quieter, and one had to approach the door closely to hear it at all. The final product’s style and soundproofing effectiveness left the homeowners extremely satisfied.

This case demonstrates how the Sea Wave Aluminum Casting style from Blue Whale not only enhances the security and soundproofing of a home but also offers a visually appealing and luxurious design that resonated with the homeowners’ preferences.

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