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H4 Lake Waves Copper Sculpture

Product Introduction

Autumn Breeze Creates ‘Lake Waves’ on the Lake Surface. The Lake Waves design is inspired by the scenery of Yanzi Lake along the Beiwu Highway section.

The natural beauty of changing seasons serves as the design concept. As autumn arrives in Wulai, Yanzi Lake comes to life with gentle ripples on its surface when the autumn breeze blows. The waves sway lightly, rising and falling with the wind, creating a vivid sense of autumn.

This design has earned the prestigious Golden Pin Design Award. The weather-resistant and durable copper sculpture surface naturally develops a patina over time, exuding an aura of luxury. It is complemented by Italian-imported design handles.

Featuring a double airtight and insulated structure, the living room stays warm in winter. The outer frame is finished with stainless steel, ensuring it never rusts, and the accessible airtight sealing mechanism provides convenience for elderly family members to come and go. The interior surface is adorned with wood grain panels, enhancing the aesthetics and fine taste of the living room’s decor.

H4 Lake Waves Copper Sculpture


  • 單開尺寸 W85-103 X H220 $378,600
  • 雙開尺寸 W170-200 X H220 $719,400

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Installation service is not included. Please seek local ironworkers for installation.

We can arrange video instructions and guidance on the day of installation.

Award Introduction


Chinese Design Award for Professional Excellence

The “Golden Pin Design Award” annually invites internationally renowned design experts to serve as judges, conducting evaluations in three stages: preliminary, secondary, and final. The process adheres to principles of fairness and impartiality, making it highly credible. The competition categories encompass four major areas: product design, visual communication design, packaging design, and spatial design. The evaluation criteria include integration, innovation, functionality, aesthetics, and communication. Products designed, produced, or sold in the Chinese market are eligible for entry by Chinese brands or Chinese design companies. If it’s an international brand, as long as it has a subsidiary or agent in the Chinese market, it can also participate in the competition.

Every year, the “Golden Pin Design Award” selects hundreds of design works, awarding them the “Golden Pin Design Mark,” which signifies recognition of product quality. It also identifies the best design of the year and presents the symbol of the highest honor in the form of a trophy. Additionally, the organizers assist award-winning works in gaining media exposure and participating in global product exhibitions to expand their presence in international markets.

As the tides of the times continue to shift, with the Chinese market growing stronger and occupying an irreplaceable position on the global stage, the “Golden Pin Design Award,” rooted in the Chinese market, holds a pivotal significance. It is believed that in the next 5-10 years, the “Golden Pin Design Award” will evolve into one of the foremost professional design awards worldwide.

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