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Sanyu Collection

Reproductions of the Sanyu Collection

Sanyu’s charm lies in his mastery of Eastern calligraphy and painting techniques, as he captures the romance of Paris. He takes the supple brushwork from traditional Chinese painting and refines it into a simplified form. Then, he employs Western color palettes to express Eastern themes. This fusion of Eastern and Western styles may appear contradictory, but it gives rise to a captivating and harmonious spark of creativity.

Blue Whale | Sanyu

Blue Whale has obtained official authorization from the National History Museum to embed legendary artworks by the French-Chinese artist Sanyu in entrance fire doors and bedroom soundproof doors. This transforms doors into the focal point of the home. Doors can now be works of art, effortlessly merging art with everyday life to elevate the aesthetics of your home. It turns your home into an art gallery, providing a visual treat every time your family enters or exits.

Officially unveiled on 10/13/2023, the Blue Whale Door Sanyu Collection lets art become a part of daily life!

Blue Whale doors are equipped with top-notch features including soundproofing, fire resistance, smoke containment, smart technology, and security. They come with official reports for fire resistance and smoke containment, ensuring both aesthetic taste and residential safety.

Life should be this wonderful. Vive la vie!

Sanyu and Taiwan

In 1964, Sanyu was invited to teach at National Taiwan Normal University and to hold a solo exhibition. He had prepared to return to the East, but due to unforeseen circumstances, he was unable to do so.

As a result, the artworks intended for the exhibition were sent to the National History Museum and have since become one of the most important series in the museum’s collection. Other significant institutions that house Sanyu’s works include the Cernuschi Museum in Paris, among others.

Today, Sanyu is widely recognized as a master of modern Oriental art. In 2005, the Guimet National Museum of Asian Art in Paris held a large retrospective exhibition for Sanyu, further solidifying his international standing as an important member of the Paris School.

In 2020, Sanyu’s floral paintings reached record prices at auctions, with “Chrysanthemums in a Blue and White Pot” selling for HKD $191 million (approximately TWD $764 million) at Sotheby’s in July and “Blue and White Pot with Chrysanthemums” selling for HKD $187 million (approximately TWD $748 million) at Christie’s in October. In 2022, his rare horizontal painting “Red Vase with Branches” achieved the top spot at Sotheby’s in Hong Kong, selling for HKD $86.69 million (approximately TWD $343 million).

Sanyu’s works consistently perform well in the auction market, showcasing the strong recognition and admiration from collectors for his artistic philosophy.

Sanyu Collection

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