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Star Diamond Series Bedroom Soundproof Doors

Product Introduction

Bringing Art into Life, Elevate Your Bedroom Door to an Artwork

Space-Efficient: The Door Itself Is Art

More Than Just Aesthetics: Provides Practicality – Insect Protection, Smoke Blocking, Accessibility, Soundproofing, and More

Enhance Home Aesthetic, Choose the Most Practical Bedroom Soundproof Door


Each piece comes with a unique serial number, artist’s signature, and a certificate of authenticity for collectors.

As the artist evolves through life experiences, their style may change at different stages, giving each artwork a distinct soul. We recommend collecting these pieces early to capture their diverse essence.


Artist Biography

johnny chen

Johnny Chen

Johnny Chen is an artist born and raised in Taiwan. He attended the prestigious Taiwan Academy of Fine Arts – Renaissance Fine Arts during high school. For his university education, he studied at Bangkok University in Thailand. During his time in Thailand, he absorbed cultures and perspectives from around the world, with the creative and rich thinking of the Thai people significantly influencing his worldview.

Johnny, who had a passion for drawing from a young age, exhibited a unique talent that allowed him to explore uncharted artistic territories. During his academic years, he met his Ukrainian classmate, Michael. On his father’s birthday, Michael asked Johnny to create a portrait as a birthday gift. Johnny completed this portrait using only a simple ballpoint pen, leaving a deep impression on Michael’s father. In appreciation, Michael’s father invited him to visit his stainless steel factory.

Michael’s father recognized Johnny’s creative talent and suggested using a grinding wheel not just for traditional purposes but as a tool for creating artwork. This serendipitous encounter marked the beginning of Johnny’s journey into the world of metal art sculpture.

johnny chen

“The people of Thailand take special pride in their rich cultural heritage, seamlessly blending tradition with modern styles to create unique and inspiring environments. This harmonious fusion of old and new elements provides endless opportunities for creativity and inspiration.” — Johnny.

johnny chen

Johnny’s unique sense of beauty and perspective, combined with his masterful skills, give birth to a new style that merges industry and art. He infuses warmth and soul into the cold, rigid metal, elevating metal craftsmanship to different levels.

“I hope to contribute to the Taiwanese art scene. Taiwan possesses rich cultural assets that deserve to be showcased to the world. I firmly believe that the beauty and values conveyed through art can have a positive impact and inspire Taiwan. I aspire to inspire others to value Taiwanese art, enhance society and the human spirit through an understanding of art, and bring about positive change. Together, I hope we can make Taiwanese art and culture shine even brighter on the international stage.” — Johnny.




Installation service is not included. Please seek local ironworkers for installation.

We can arrange video instructions and guidance on the day of installation.

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