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Type 190 Hotel Fireproof Soundproof Door


Product Introduction

Blue Whale specializes in soundproof design, tailored for hotel spaces, ensuring tranquility and eliminating noise and echoes in hallways. Complementing soundproof engineering, we create the perfect acoustic environment for your guests’ relaxation.

Our doors are designed to meet the overall aesthetics of the hotel while offering soundproofing, fire resistance, and smoke containment capabilities. The door designs are versatile, allowing you to choose from various materials to match your interior décor.

    • Designed specifically for hotel use, our soundproof doors feature steel door frames with a thickness of 5.4 centimeters. They also incorporate Blue Whale’s patented dual airtight structure, which on average can reduce noise levels by 35 decibels.
    • We provide testing reports for our state-of-the-art F60A fire-resistant structure.
    • We also offer the option for designers to provide their own surface materials or for Blue Whale to provide the bare door structure, allowing designers to apply their own materials and enhance design versatility.
    • The door locks are to be purchased by the property owner to align with the hotel system, and Blue Whale can assist with the door leaf hole punching.
    • We sell our products both in Taiwan and overseas.



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Installation service is not included. Please seek local ironworkers for installation.

We can arrange video instructions and guidance on the day of installation.

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