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January 6, 2021, Lanwhale Soundproof Doors and Windows – the fifth brand store in Taiwan, opened its doors in the renowned Windy City!

A soundproof specialist brand in Taiwan, entering its 38th year, continues to care for every household.

▲ On the 1st floor, artwork by the gallery owner, Qingfen Zhan, is displayed at the reception desk.

“In 2020, just before the COVID-19 pandemic hit, Blue Whale decided to set up shop in Hsinchu, Taiwan’s famous Windy City, to address the long-standing issue of noise pollution that had been troubling the local residents.

Despite the pandemic that followed soon after, Blue Whale made the decision to forge ahead. With the collective efforts of the entire company and the support of global patrons, we not only maintained good revenue but also gained many new customers in Hsinchu, who supported us every step of the way. Their unwavering support gave Blue Whale the confidence to enter this renowned Windy City!

The planning of this new Hsinchu store took into account the feedback received from visitors to our other stores, making the interior design more customer-oriented. The walls are adorned with various styles of artwork in collaboration with the local art gallery ‘Art Square.’ The theme of the artwork is ‘Heart,’ symbolizing the hope of bidding farewell to the ups and downs of the past year and looking forward to 2021.

With a spacious height of 8.5 meters, the space is divided into two floors. It can display nearly 40 door products, the full range of soundproof windows, a 1:1 intelligent soundproof experience space, door lock displays, and listening spaces for all product series. This setup allows every customer visiting the store to better discern their needs.”

▲ On the 2nd floor, the exhibition area is complemented by the works of Taiwanese artist Wu Xiaoying.

“Blue Whale has always centered its product development around beauty, safety, and creating a homey atmosphere. We envision our products not just as cold, functional items but as multifunctional and aesthetically pleasing pieces of craftsmanship. I take great pride in the fact that Taiwan possesses this level of manufacturing expertise. We will continue to invest in and serve Taiwan. ” — Mr. Lin Erhong, General Manager of Blue Whale.

▲ Mr. Lin Erhong, General Manager of Blue Whale, delivering the opening speech.

▲ Mr. Lin Erhong, General Manager of Blue Whale, with the classic artwork “Lake Ripple Copper Door,” which has previously received the prestigious Golden Pin Design Award.

On January 6, 2021, a grand opening tea party and the presentation of new products were held at the New Hsinchu branch. Through the introduction by Ms. Lin Yiting, the Operations Manager of Blue Whale, the attendees gained a deeper understanding that doors and windows are no longer just tools for opening and closing. They carefully observed the various details of the doors, including the design application of the surface material, the exclusive V-cut design of the door frame, the creation of an accessible space with a hidden threshold, and most importantly, each Blue Whale door incorporates exclusive soundproofing structures. These structures can be configured to different levels according to the specific needs of each household.

During the soundproofing demonstration, music was played at a volume of 100 decibels in each soundproofed space. When the doors were closed, there was unexpectedly calm, and conversation could continue without being affected by the loud music.

▲ Boa Lin, the Operations Manager of Blue Whale, presenting the 2021 New Collection Cloud Series. The collection symbolizes blessings for success and prosperity, soaring to new heights.

At the opening event, many audiophiles gathered to learn about Blue Whale’s latest offering – the Taste of Serenity Space.

The new Hsinchu store features a 1:1 spatial presentation that integrates all entertainment needs, including audio, environmental control, soundproofing engineering, and ambiance design.

Customers who appreciate smart environments can enjoy convenient living, while audiophiles can experience professional soundscapes and exceptional audio quality.

Construction companies and designers can now rely on Blue Whale for planning special space requirements with the assurance of warranty services, eliminating concerns about disputes and post-installation warranty issues related to soundproofing expertise.

Blue Whale has its own door production facility, and we are deeply grateful for the dedicated and hardworking technical personnel who have been with us every step of the way.

Blue Whale’s foundation lies in technology, and it’s through these technical experts that we can turn design into reality.

Breaking away from traditional perceptions, we’ve transformed the image of metalworkers from the past into that of skilled professionals.

We’ve also invested heavily in educational resources and technical training for young talents, ensuring that Blue Whale’s exclusive research and development technologies can be passed down through generations.

▲Blue Whale Door Factory – Photo of Director Chung Yue-Jin and General Manager

▲Brand Marketing Manager Liz, Blue Whale Technical Training Manager Diff, and Blue Whale General Manager Lin Er-Hong

Highlights from the event

▲Mr. Lin Erhong, General Manager of Blue Whale, Boa Lin, Brand Operations Manager of Blue Whale, and Ms. Liz, Brand Marketing Manager of Blue Whale.

▲The ribbon-cutting ceremony was successfully completed on January 6, 2021.

▲A group photo of the direct store managers.

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