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Blue Whale Sanyu Collection | Presentation on 10/13, Elevating Legendary Art into Every Door in Life!

Daily Appreciation of Sanyu

藍鯨隔音門 常玉
With the theme “Sanyu | Strolling in Romantic Paris,” Blue Whale will officially present this collection to the public on 10/13. The door panels themselves are artworks, and this series offers collectors a choice of six door designs. The six works are titled “Human Body,” “Meeting After Dusk,” “Painting,” “Moon Gazing,” “Still Life,” and “Horse,” and they will be showcased on Blue Whale bedroom soundproof doors and fireproof, smoke-proof entrance doors. This presentation reflects Sanyu’s artistic concepts from various periods.
藍鯨隔音門 常玉

On the day of the presentation, numerous stars gathered to make the event a grand success, coming together to appreciate the romantic Parisian feast crafted by the Blue Whale brand team.

藍鯨隔音門 常玉

On the day of the presentation, the Blue Whale brand team and VIP guests enjoyed Sanyu’s works together. The pieces embedded in the doors were highly eye-catching, allowing the guests to discover the finer nuances of Sanyu’s nostalgia. Through these artistic doors, they could feel the legendary impact Sanyu had on future art.

The guests praised the art doors as a new way of appreciating art and expressed their desire to incorporate them into their homes to create their own art gallery space. They appreciated the tranquility of art appreciation and believed it would also inspire their children’s appreciation of art.


Since 2008, Blue Whale Soundproof Doors has ventured into the realm of art, collaborating with various Taiwanese artists and brands to offer a new choice for “door facades.” This approach aims to bridge the gap between art and daily life, breaking free from the conventional design framework for doors and creating aesthetically pleasing environments. The goal is to allow every household to effortlessly embrace art, thereby enhancing their sensory perception and understanding of beauty.

Blue Whale doors, placed in a corner of the home, subtly transform the house into an art gallery. This ensures that family members experience a visual aesthetic every time they enter or exit, making the concept “life as art, art as life” a reality.

Romantic Paris

藍鯨隔音門 常玉

The concept for the Sanyu Strolling in Romantic Paris event was inspired by Sanyu’s painting “Meeting After Dusk.” It combines the Oriental brushwork with the graceful and leisurely postures of Western women, giving the feeling of a leisurely afternoon by the Seine River, taking a stroll in the cool shade. It’s incredibly comfortable!

The Blue Whale brand team designed the main stage to resemble a riverside café, allowing the VIP guests to enjoy Sanyu’s works without any time pressure. They were served red and white wines by a sommelier, creating a truly delightful and stress-free experience.

藍鯨隔音門 常玉

Of course, the wonderful music played a crucial role in setting the atmosphere. A solo saxophonist and a female jazz singer serenaded the guests, encouraging them to put down their phones and immerse themselves in the relaxed ambiance, making it a delightful Friday afternoon.

藍鯨隔音門 常玉

Blue Whale has placed a strong emphasis on nurturing young talent for many years, ensuring that the brand’s core principles, technological expertise, and innovation are upheld. They are dedicated to safeguarding the safety and property of every household. All their doors, including entrance doors and room doors, are equipped with comprehensive functionalities, such as soundproofing, fire resistance, and smoke containment.

They provide official reports for fire resistance, smoke containment, and soundproofing tests, allowing consumers to have confidence in the quality and performance of their doors. Additionally, customers can visit their facilities for firsthand testing and observation. Blue Whale’s commitment ensures that you can live with peace of mind and enjoy life to the fullest.


The Blue Whale Chang Yu Collection will be showcased at five direct stores across Taiwan, with an additional Villa Exhibition Center for visitors. They offer a comprehensive experience, allowing visitors to appreciate 1:1 product samples. For more information, please stay tuned to Blue Whale’s official information.

Here are the locations:

Blue Whale Villa: For reservation details, please refer to the Blue Whale official website.
Taipei Store: No. 28-8, Ankang Road, Neihu District, Taipei City.
Hsinchu Store: No. 430, Section 2, Guangming 6th Road East, Zhubei City, Hsinchu County.
Taichung Store: No. 1106, Zhongming South Road, South District, Taichung City.
Kaohsiung Store: No. 327, Haijing Street, Zuoying District, Kaohsiung City.

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