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Blue Whale x Sanyu Series – Artistic Brilliance Unveiled: ‘Strolling in Paris’ New Product Launch on October 13th

Blue Whale x Sanyu Series - Artistic Brilliance Unveiled: 'Strolling in Paris' New Product Launch on October 13th

The legendary artist, Chang Yu's brushstrokes, will once again come to life in modern homes. Blue Whale Soundproof Doors, in collaboration with Kaye Digital Creatives, have obtained authorization from the National History Museum to embed Chang Yu's classic paintings into entrance doors and room doors, transforming each door into an exceptional piece of art. This is not only a tribute to and admiration for Chang Yu but also a means to bring Chang Yu's unique blend of Eastern and Western artistic techniques into daily life, turning each entry and exit into a visual feast.

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The new Blue Whale x Sanyu, consisting of six art door designs, will be officially unveiled to the public on October 13th, catering to collectors’ preferences.

The artist Sanyu, acclaimed as the "Thigh of the Universe."

Sanyu had a special fondness for painting the human body, and he once openly confessed to the poet Xu Zhimo: “My original motivation for learning to paint was this curiosity about the secrets of the human body.” Xu Zhimo greatly appreciated Sanyu’s work and praised his fleshy women’s legs as the “Thighs of the Universe.”

In the roaring era, the most carefree and unrestrained souls.

Sanyu’s artistic style carries the spirit of “calligraphy in painting,” employing modern techniques to depict a variety of subjects. In his early works, he used soft and flowing lines and a palette of pale, romantic colors, exuding a sense of joy. As his life experiences and years spent abroad influenced him, Sanyu’s later works featured richer Eastern colors, and his depictions of animals in vast landscapes often resembled reflections of his own persona.

His works are imbued with traditional Eastern decorative elements, blending techniques from both Eastern and Western aesthetics, forming Sanyu’s unique artistic charm. He often employed simple yet powerful lines, form, and contours to exhibit a distinctive personal style. His paintings are characterized by their concise shapes and pure colors, with three main themes: nude figures, plant and floral motifs, and landscapes featuring animals.

In 1964, Sanyu was invited by the Ministry of Education to come to Taiwan to teach and hold a solo exhibition at the National History Museum. Unfortunately, the plan didn’t materialize, and in 1966, he passed away in Paris due to unforeseen circumstances. He had spent most of his life in Paris and, to this day, Sanyu is recognized as a prominent master of modern Eastern art. In 2005, the Musée national des arts asiatiques-Guimet in Paris organized a major retrospective exhibition, solidifying his international status as an important member of the Paris School of painting.


Bedroom Soundproof Door Illustration After Dusk

In 2020,Sanyu’s floral artworks reached their peak in auction sales:

“Chrysanthemums in a Blue and White Pot,” 110 x 60 cm | July 2020, Christie’s Hong Kong, sold for HKD 191 million (approximately TWD 764 million).
“Blue and White Pot with Chrysanthemums,” 91 x 62 cm | October 2020, Sotheby’s Hong Kong, sold for HKD 187 million (approximately TWD 748 million).
Then, in 2022, a rare horizontal piece by Sanyu titled “Red Vase and Branches” achieved the top spot at a Sotheby’s auction in Hong Kong, selling for HKD 86.69 million (approximately TWD 343 million).

Still Life Bedroom Soundproof Door Illustration

Blue Whale, a Taiwanese soundproofing brand with over 40 years of history, is a unique and diverse presence that places aesthetics, life, and people at the core of its brand philosophy. It offers consumers a range of professional soundproofing solutions, earning their love and trust due to its commitment to quality and aesthetics.

Blue Whale has long emphasized lifestyle aesthetics, the realization of its philosophy, technological research and development, and talent cultivation. The company operates five direct stores across Taiwan, located in New Taipei, Taipei, Hsinchu, Taichung, and Kaohsiung, where consumers can visit to see 1:1 product samples and receive personalized service and planning.

Today, Blue Whale has obtained authorization from the National History Museum to reproduce Sanyu’s artwork on entrance doors and room doors, bringing art into the realm of exterior aesthetics and interior design, providing consumers with a fresh choice for their doors. The Sanyu series includes six different works to choose from: “Curved-Leg Nude,” “Meeting After Dusk,” “Moon Gazing,” “Painting,” “Still Life,” and “Horse,” each showcasing Sanyu’s various artistic styles.


The new Blue Whale Sanyu Door Collection is set to be unveiled outdoors at Blue Whale Villa on October 13th. The event will be live-streamed on the official YouTube channel, so feel free to tune in.

You’re also welcome to follow the official fan page for updates, and for more information, please stay tuned to the official website.

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