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Artistic Watch’s ‘Gate’ – A 40-Year Local Brand Unveils Innovative Soundproof Doors and Windows for Villas Across Taiwan | Reported by Business Weekly

Advertising Campaign 2023.07.05

Nestled amidst the mountainous mist, on the outdoor grassy expanse of Blue Whale Villa, with its panoramic floor-to-ceiling windows and pure white walls, a team of skilled artisans works their magic. Using grinding machines, they meticulously sculpt the titanium panels, each incision refracting a dazzling spectrum of colors like celestial stars or radiant diamonds. With every stroke, eternity materializes before your eyes.

This marks the return, after a three-year hiatus, of Blue Whale’s collaboration with artists, unveiling a series of artworks integrated with their soundproof doors and windows. Employing the opulent and vibrant titanium material for the door panels, masterfully crafted by the sculptor Johnny Chen, these doors cease to be mere entryways; they become a fusion of art and the ultimate expression of aesthetic living.

Metal sculpture artist Johnny Chen


It’s not just a door; it’s a family heirloom piece of art.

For over 40 years, Blue Whale has been actively collaborating with local Taiwanese artists, promoting the core brand philosophy of “Enjoy Art, Live Tranquilly,” with the aim of integrating art into daily life. In the past, Blue Whale has worked with indigenous artist Liang Sheng-Rong, ceramicist Chen Qi-Nan, and etching artist Chen Wei-Long to create the H4 Collectible Series of soundproof doors made from materials such as wood and stone. Later, they partnered with oil painter Mr. Wu Zuo-Chang to incorporate oil paintings onto doors, turning them into not only air-tight, fire-resistant, and soundproof structures but also cherished heirlooms passed down through generations.

The introduction of the “Star Diamond Series” came about when the founder, Leo Lin, who has a passion for both art and running, stumbled upon Johnny Chen’s sculptural artworks during one of his runs. Leo Lin immediately sought out more information and proposed a collaboration. After multiple discussions and ensuring that the artworks maintained their handmade authenticity while also achieving consistency, the “Star Diamond Series” was finally unveiled in early June of this year at the Blue Whale Villa atop Xindian Mountain. The series includes four artworks: “Solar System,” symbolizing eternal order and balance in the cosmos; “Stardust,” with starlight reminiscent of heavenly diamonds; “Galactic Gem,” featuring stars blooming like flowers and radiating captivating energy and brilliance; and “Pure Drop,” exuding the beauty of pure flawlessness.


“The Solar System,” symbolizing the eternal order and balance within the universe.

The Starry Brilliance, resembling heavenly diamonds, in “Star Diamonds.”

Stellar Blossoms, where stars burst forth like flowers, emitting enchanting energy and radiance, in “Nacter Diamonds.”

Purely Immaculate, revealing the beauty of purity, in “Waterdrop Diamonds.”


“Blue Whale Villa Open to the Public – Founder: The Most Direct Experience is Personal”

Founder Leo Lin noted that the practice of launching new products outdoors is quite rare in Taiwan. Additionally, choosing the location for Blue Whale Villa took four years. Initially attracted to its picturesque scenery, Leo Lin also recognized its geographic location at an altitude of approximately 500 meters. Given the region’s cold and damp winter climate and high wind pressures, the local residents primarily used this area as a summer retreat. However, thanks to the outstanding airtightness and soundproofing capabilities of the villa’s doors and windows installed by Blue Whale, it not only shields against scorching summer heat but also effectively blocks cold air and moisture during winter, ensuring a balanced indoor temperature throughout the year.

Blue Whale Villa Aerial Panoramic Shot


Leo Lin mentioned that, aside from soundproofing, having excellent airtight doors and windows can effectively provide smoke and fire protection while reducing the need for heating or cooling systems. This effort also contributes to environmental conservation. Choosing Blue Whale Villa as the venue for the launch of the “Star Diamond Series” not only provided a platform for Johnny Chen’s outdoor creations but also allowed attendees to observe up close. Moreover, it offered a feast for the eyes where art and nature converge. Experiencing the present moment is indeed the primary purpose behind the construction of this villa.

Blue Whale Villa utilizes steel soundproof panoramic windows, offering wide-angle vistas that captivate the eye.


In addition to their retail stores in Taiwan and China, Leo Lin mentioned, “Building a Villa with our own materials to let people experience it firsthand is the most direct way – seeing is believing!” He openly acknowledged that luxury residences are typically not open for public visits, but he personally resides in this villa year-round. This is the most authentic representation. Furthermore, he doesn’t rule out the possibility of building more in picturesque areas so that customers can personally experience the quality and effectiveness of soundproof doors and windows. The current villa located in the Hua Cheng Manor in Xindian can also be visited by appointment with a dedicated guide.

When it comes to facing global market competition and expanding their business, Leo Lin firmly stated that they will continue to emphasize “quality over quantity.” Just as they have done with limited-edition collectibles in collaboration with artists in the past, the “Star Diamond Series” will also be limited to just 1000 pieces. In the future, the Blue Whale team will continue to discover more local artists to collaborate with, breaking free from traditional industry constraints, and ensuring that their products are not just functional but also pieces of art that embody aesthetics and heritage. This approach aims to establish a more competitive Taiwanese brand.


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