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Blue Whale 2023 New Product Outdoor Launch Event | Star Diamonds Invites You to Immerse Yourself in Blue Whale Villa

The Blue Whale 2023 New Product Launch Event is set to take place at Blue Whale Villa, combining the backdrop of mountains, mist, sunlight, and music. This event will bring to life the design concepts of sculptor Johnny Chen, as seen in his artworks.

On a balmy early summer afternoon, the event venue will offer a refreshing atmosphere after a rainfall, accompanied by a gentle breeze. It will provide a tranquil respite, allowing guests to momentarily escape the hustle and bustle of the city and immerse themselves in the “Star Diamond Series.”

In the presence of esteemed guests and numerous media outlets, the “Star Diamond Series” will be formally unveiled, marking a memorable occasion.

With the mountain scenery and enveloping mist serving as the backdrop on the main stage, guests will experience a visual feast brought to life by the “Solar System.” They will have the opportunity to get up close and appreciate the artwork while also enjoying the surrounding lounge areas and indulging in fine wines and delicacies.


Sculptor Johnny Chen will vividly share his artistic philosophy and the creative inspiration behind the “Star Diamond Series” on the picturesque main stage of Blue Whale Villa.
The “Star Diamond Series” is an artistic collaboration between artist Johnny Chen and Blue Whale, aimed at capturing the brightest and most dazzling stars from the night sky and gifting them to loved ones. It symbolizes the beauty and continuity of relationships, infusing precious emotions into the door panels. The artistic intent shines as brilliantly as a diamond, captivating and touching.

After unveiling the “Solar System” artwork, artist Johnny Chen introduced the design’s origins, stating, “It represents the eternal order and balance, symbolized by the movement of planets in the solar system. This piece holds profound meaning, featuring the orbits of celestial bodies in the cosmos and our blue planet where we reside. The surfaces of all the planets are beautifully depicted. The base material is antique bronze-colored titanium, different from the common perception of the universe as dark. It embodies a sense of ‘from ancient times to the present.’ The curved titanium handle, designed by Blue Whale, complements the celestial orbits and seamlessly merges with the solar system.”

“Star Diamonds,” with its design origin rooted in the brilliance of starlight, resembling heavenly diamonds, embodies the concepts of eternity and heritage.

“Waterdrop Diamonds” displayed by the lotus pond exudes a sense of nobility and elegance. It harmoniously aligns with the design origin of the waterdrop motif—combining the purity of a water droplet with the radiance of a diamond, revealing a unique and pristine beauty.

On the stones, there’s the placement of “Colorful Diamonds,” resembling the blooming of the most delightful flower, bestowing blessings upon the grand event. The design origin of “Colorful Diamonds” lies in the radiant stars in the cosmos, which burst forth like blossoms, emitting enchanting energy and brilliance.

Artist Johnny Chen is a rising star in Taiwan’s modern art scene, with each of his works drawing significant attention and anticipation. His creative inspiration and techniques are truly unique. From a young age, he had a passion for art, and he utilized various canvases, including sand, blank paper, wood, and metal, to capture his inspirations. Whether it’s using tree branches, pencils, needles, or grinding machines, if it can be used for painting, it becomes a brushstroke of his soul.

Collection: Goddess of the Sea Material: Titanium-Gold (Rose Gold)


Differing from their previous indoor product launches, the marketing team of Blue Whale boldly decided to host the event at the newly completed Blue Whale Villa in 2022. This villa was created as an oasis, offering a high-standard experience, providing guests with an entirely new sensory experience.

Panoramic View of Blue Whale Villa’s Rear Garden


After the completion of Blue Whale Villa, several aesthetic appreciation tea parties were organized, integrating aesthetics with the practical application of soundproof doors, windows, and walls. This initiative aimed to provide a more comprehensive resource and real-life sharing for villa and large-space consumers. Visitors are welcome to schedule a tour and experience it firsthand.

Blue Whale Villa Outdoor Landscape Terrace


Visitors who have toured the building have expressed great admiration for it, often referring to Blue Whale Villa as the “Switzerland of Taipei.” Its distinct feature of ever-changing, breathtaking views throughout the year, 24 hours a day, has left a lasting impression on those who have experienced it.

The Blue Whale marketing team aims to share the brand’s sophistication and beauty more extensively, firmly conveying the brand spirit of “aesthetic living.” Every detail related to art, food, clothing, living, transportation, and entertainment is meticulously planned, approaching perfection. This approach ensures that guests experience comfortable and beautiful moments during their visit.

At the outdoor launch event of Blue Whale Villa, guests will be treated to a new and immersive experience, combining art, music, scenic beauty, fine wines, and exquisite cuisine.

The indoor relaxation space at Blue Whale Villa seamlessly connects to the outdoor terrace. Professional service staff will be on hand to provide guests with a selection of beverages, including alcoholic and non-alcoholic options.

Artist Johnny Chen personally graces the occasion to share his creative ideas behind the artworks, allowing the soul of the solar system to be fully revealed to the clients and attendees.


On the day of the event, artist Johnny Chen will also demonstrate his craftsmanship in sculptural art, allowing the attendees to gain a deeper understanding of his artistry. He uses a high-speed grinding machine with weight to serve as his brushstroke, enabling him to better manifest his inner inspirations.

During the event, the “Blue Whale” serves as his muse. According to legend, sighting a whale’s tail symbolizes luck, signifying that happiness and good fortune are close at hand. Johnny Chen sincerely extends his best wishes to all the guests in attendance.

In an impromptu display of talent, Johnny Chen spontaneously creates “The Blue Whale and the Goddess Riding the Wind and Breaking the Waves.” As he begins the carving process, he meticulously etches the distinctive patterns of the blue whale.

The finished piece, the impromptu creation “The Blue Whale and the Goddess Riding the Wind and Breaking the Waves,” features a unique signature etched by the artist in the lower right corner, adding a personalized touch for the collector.

Congratulations to Ms. Chen Rou-Ci, General Manager of Fuwei Intelligence, for winning the impromptu creation “The Blue Whale and the Goddess Riding the Wind and Breaking the Waves.”

With 40 years in business, Blue Whale Soundproof Doors and Windows has continuously evolved, with its founder and the entire team traveling the world. This effort has led to a high level of recognition and importance placed on the brand’s evolution, from top executives to newly hired employees.

The outdoor launch event is divided into two halves: the first half for guests and media, and the second half for all of Blue Whale’s employees from across Taiwan. It’s not only an external presentation but also an internal operation, allowing every employee to understand the essence of the new products and the artistry behind them through this exchange.

Liz Lin, the Brand Manager of Blue Whale, states, “Throughout our journey, we’ve received immense support from numerous consumers, designers, and construction companies. They’ve offered us invaluable feedback. Every step my team and I take is rooted in the cultivation and giving back to Taiwan. We aim to nurture more talent and let users know that doors and windows can be exquisitely crafted to better suit their daily needs, allowing for comfort and elegance every day.”

The “Star Diamond Series” infuses luxury homes and facades with aesthetics, high taste, artistic value, and uniqueness. This collection includes four distinct pieces, each with an exclusive serial number, artist’s signature, and a guarantee card for collectors. These meticulously handcrafted artworks are limited edition treasures. You can view and appreciate the “Star Diamond Series” at Blue Whale’s nationwide flagship stores.

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