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Taiwan’s Art of Doors – Timeless, Classic Taste


The interior design of a home reflects the care and attention put into one’s life, from the living room and kitchen to the bedroom and bathroom, every detail contributes to the beauty of a space. It is indeed an art form. Some say, “Before entering any space, take a look at the entrance; the intricacies of the entrance represent the homeowner’s emphasis on taste.”

Take a look at the Taiwanese brand – Blue Whale Soundproof Doors and Windows, and see how they create “door and window craftsmanship” that belongs to each home. With over thirty years of experience, they wholeheartedly infuse new interpretations into existing classic designs.



On January 6, 2021


| H3 Lake Wave – Smart Door | Inspired by the changing beauty of the natural climate. As the season transitions into autumn, the Yanzi Lake in Wulai, when a gentle autumn breeze blows, creates layers of ripples on the surface, gently swaying back and forth, with waves rising and falling with the wind, accompanied by the autumn breeze, creating a sense of autumn abundance.

| H4-New Lake Garden | Combining Burmese teak with titanium metal, it presents a clean modern art style. The design of New Lake Garden is inspired by the fusion of LA’s modern art and American culture with the late summer sunset, drawn from the vintage and colorful sky.


Blue Whale, a Taiwanese brand specializing in soundproof doors and windows, has been deeply rooted in Taiwan for over forty years. You might not have known that doors and windows could be so beautiful. Blue Whale’s products can be found in the homes of many musicians, prominent figures in politics and business, as well as the residences and offices of internationally renowned foreign companies. The reason is simple: Blue Whale’s craftsmanship is so fine that every detail and intricacy of their doors and windows is akin to a work of art.

When most people decorate their homes, they often consider wall configurations and paint colors to highlight their home’s style but frequently overlook the fact that doors and windows play a crucial role in the overall design. Doors and windows, besides walls, occupy a significant portion of the interior space. Well-designed doors and windows can serve as the finishing touch, elevating the overall design of a space. With Blue Whale’s doors and windows, you can enhance the quality of your home effortlessly.

Blue Whale’s customized products excel in noise reduction, security, anti-theft features, smoke and fire protection. They are tailored to your specific dimensions and fabric preferences, making them a perfect blend of functionality and artistic expression in both the interior and exterior of your living space.


“H3 – Lake Reflection” features precious Burmese teakwood, sourced from pristine forests in Myanmar. These teak trees have a minimum age of 70 years, representing the golden period of maturation for this wood species. Burmese teakwood is renowned for its weather resistance, high stability, solid wood quality, distinct grain patterns, and rich oil content. It is considered an extremely rare and precious wood species in today’s market.

The design inspiration for “Lake Reflection” comes from the serene scenery of Yanzi Lake on the Northern Wufeng Highway in Taiwan. Yanzi Lake’s clear waters beautifully reflect the surroundings, including the graceful willow trees and the artistry of fallen wood, creating the exquisite beauty of “Lake Reflection.” While enjoying the artistry, Blue Whale remains by your side throughout, ensuring the safety and security of your home.


“A door” serves as a crucial gateway connecting us to the outdoors, and it plays a significant role in soundproofing, security, and accessibility. Blue Whale utilizes special structural manufacturing techniques combined with exclusive patented EPDM material air-tight sealing strips to incorporate various functions into a single door, such as soundproofing, fire resistance, smoke control, riot resistance, security, and earthquake resistance. This comprehensive approach allows people residing within these spaces to rest comfortably and enjoy their surroundings with peace of mind.

When it comes to “windows,” Blue Whale departs from conventional manufacturing techniques. The frame design has been optimized, offering not only fundamental noise reduction capabilities but also a choice of various colors to complement interior design. The frame presents a crisp appearance while integrating safety mechanisms to prevent accidents in high-rise buildings. The glass spaces have also been modified to create a more open atmosphere. Through different glass functionalities, they effectively block UV rays, reduce temperature variations, enhance security, and come with various options for insect screens, which can prevent PM2.5, mosquitoes, dust, and more. This allows homes to effortlessly enjoy a comfortable lighting environment while safeguarding health.

Our aspiration is to combine the technology of traditional manufacturing with the artistry of life aesthetics. – Liz Lin, Blue Whale Brand Art Director

H3 – StoneSmart Door. The primary sources of the original minerals are mainly located in Brazil, South Africa, and India. The extraction of mica and slate in these regions is prone to edge breakage and fragmentation, requiring the expertise of skilled artisans to carve and manually process them to reveal the most natural patterns on the stone surface.

H4 – Bavaria Smart Door. It is located in the southeastern part of Germany, covering the largest area among German states. The Danube River runs through its central region, and the southern border is adjacent to the Alpine mountain range, including the highest peak in Germany, the Zugspitze, which stands at 2963 meters above sea level. Bavaria is known for its mountainous terrain.

The design concept of Blue Whale draws inspiration from the strong fusion of classical woodworking and modern metalwork, offering a refreshing modern style.

H4-Seina. It is inspired by the annual horse racing event in the Italian mountain town of Siena. This event has a long history and is celebrated to this day. The Blue Whale team drew inspiration from the racecourse and designed this exquisite door using 99.9% pure red copper. The design reflects the classical elegance of the medieval era, with graceful curves and horseshoe patterns reminiscent of the grandeur of the racing scene. It showcases an extraordinary taste and craftsmanship.

In 2021, Blue Whale opened its fifth showroom in Hsinchu, Taiwan. To celebrate the opening, they collaborated with the local “Yifang Art Gallery” to organize the “Morning Light” art exhibition. Blue Whale has been collaborating with Taiwanese artists for twenty years, and through the art pieces, they aim to explore the deeper meaning of life and living.

Interestingly, the founder of Yifang Art Gallery, artist Chan Ching-fen, has devoted her life to art and has been embraced by art in return. She is a native of Hsinchu.

“The beauty of tranquil art.” – Chan Ching-fen, Founder of Yifang Art Gallery.


In 2012, just before graduating from university, Chan Ching-fen founded the Yifang Art Studio serendipitously. The studio space reflects the concrete expression of the artist’s personal thoughts. Over the past eight years, her direction in art has become increasingly clear. She understands that art should not be confined within a “framework.” Painting, collaging, digital art, photography, and words – all these are poetic actions and forms of the language of art.

Within the materials and techniques I can master, I choose the most suitable medium to express my thoughts. I am an art creator who is greedy yet not loyal. When I can control the tools, I am a free creator, not just a “tool of the tools.” – Chan Ching-fen, Founder of Yifang Art Gallery.


In this exhibition organized by Blue Whale, in addition to the artworks of artist Chan Ching-fen, the works of three other artistic creators were also introduced:

Hung Pei-yun, an artist who uses paper relief to depict the passage of time between the sun and moon.
Wu Hsiao-ying, an artist who uses abstract and rhythmically musical lines in her paintings.
Chen Pin-hsuan, an artist who uses delicate Eastern brushwork to present contemporary auspicious creatures.
Together, these diverse artworks add more colors and dimensions to life.

In 2020, with the global pandemic raging, we found ourselves spending more time at home, engaging in remote work, spending time with loved ones, taking care of pets, and enjoying entertainment.

During these extended periods of time spent at home, it’s easy to notice certain details and reflect on whether our living spaces are up to par. Questions arise, such as: Is the security of our doors and windows adequate? Do they look outdated? Is the design still stuck in the past? Can we block out the noise from all directions? Are conversations and playful sounds from within our homes broadcasted too easily to the outside world?

A comfortable living environment requires an understanding of our habits and the assistance of interior design to create a secure soundproof space. We can also incorporate our preferred decorative styles, ensuring that security and noise are not lingering worries in our daily lives.

“Home” is often the most reassuring sanctuary, a place that gathers the energies of our families and provides inspiration and strength.

As we embark on a new year, may each person’s life be an artistic representation of expansiveness and endurance. Like a fine wine, life gets better with age, with layers of experiences and passion that make it truly great.

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Source: “A Door of Art in Taiwan, Timeless and Classic Taste”

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