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【H3 Cloud】Shanghai Pudong Jiujiantang

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The Jiujiandang Villas gather numerous elite celebrities, including Alibaba’s founder, Jack Ma, as well as the three major local billionaires in Shanghai. The homeowners in this development have installed the Blue Whale Prestige Double Swing Door – H3 Cloud, complementing the interior layout of Jiujiandang with a gradual Confucian charm, enclosed indoor spaces, and private gardens. The corridors, courtyards, eaves, and pavilions form a Chinese-style courtyard that appears separated yet interconnected, embodying the concept of “separation without isolation, enclosure with openness.” The semi-transparent courtyard walls and fences harmonize with the surrounding gardens, creating distinct areas such as the front courtyard for guests, the rear courtyard for the homeowners, and small courtyards for guest rooms, all interconnected and showcasing their own unique style.

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