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【H3 Lake Cast Aluminum】Huang Mansion in Nantou

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| The HU Lake Cast Aluminum Entrance Double Door is chosen for a self-built villa in Nantou’s Huang Gong Guan, which coexists with the surrounding mountains and forests, creating a beautiful home. The villa features a white and elegant architectural exterior. After conducting thorough research, the homeowner discovered the HU Lake Cast Aluminum Entrance Soundproof Door by Blue Whale, which perfectly matches their ideal entrance door design.

Inspired by the calm surface of Yanzi Lake, the door design incorporates large irregular areas, representing the tranquil appearance of a lake. The door leaf is hand-painted with four layers of Shangyin ancient bronze hand-painted finish, exhibiting different shades and shadows under the sunlight and enriching the appearance of the building exterior. With high ceilings and large floor-to-ceiling windows on the first and second floors, the villa offers breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains and forests.

The lower part of the door features a granite drainage threshold to prevent water seepage. The door handle is in a 3540 dark coffee color, complementing the five-point anti-riot lock housing and CISA lock cylinder. Other features include Blue Whale’s patented airtight strips and anti-pry hidden bolts, ensuring safety and security. The double airtight structure of the door reduces noise by 40 decibels, providing both soundproofing and anti-theft capabilities, creating a peaceful and comfortable living space.

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