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【H4 Lake Wave Bronze Sculpture】Yilan Villa

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The design inspiration for the Lake Ripple Copper Sculpture originated from the picturesque view of Yanzi Lake along the Beiwu Highway. As the seasons transition to autumn, the Yanzi Lake in Wulai presents a captivating scene. When a gentle autumn breeze blows, layers of ripples form on the lake’s surface, undulating with the wind. The waves create a vibrant autumn atmosphere.

The design received the prestigious 2012 Golden Pin Design Award from the Ministry of Economic Affairs. The copper sculpture is weather-resistant and durable, with a natural patina that develops over time, exuding an elegant and noble ambiance at the entrance. It is paired with an Italian-designed handle and features a double-sealed and insulated structure, ensuring warmth in the living room during the winter season. The frame’s edges are made of stainless steel, guaranteeing rust-free durability, and the accessible airtight lower section provides convenience for the elderly moving in and out of the house. The interior face of the door is adorned with woodgrain panels, harmonizing with the living room decor and enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal of the living space.

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