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【Stone objects】Xinbei Zhu Mansion

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This project is located in the mountainous area of Xindian, New Taipei City. The original wooden door was not suitable for the mountain climate and required difficult maintenance. Therefore, the decision was made to replace it with the Blue Whale exclusive design – HU Lake Cast Aluminum Entrance Door. The exterior door is made of cast aluminum, featuring a minimalist design with a touch of Zen aesthetics. For the interior side of the door leaf, a stone material called Shi Wu Guan Xuan Men was chosen for its exquisite design. This German patented stone material is known for its natural mica and slate patterns, which require the expertise of skilled craftsmen due to the material’s tendency to chip and break easily. Each door showcases unique natural stone patterns, adding depth and warmth to the space while ensuring both home security and a tranquil living environment.

The door is equipped with Blue Whale’s double airtight structure, which has been tested to reduce noise levels by approximately 40 decibels. The door handle and lock are designed in a 3540 dark coffee color, paired with the Anzhu five-point anti-riot lock, providing a five-star level of anti-theft protection. Other hardware accessories include anti-pry hidden bolts and heavy-duty hinges. The lower part of the door features a black marble threshold, offering a safe, aesthetically pleasing, and soundproof solution.

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