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Star Diamond Series – Solar System – Noble Distinction

Artwork Introduction

Roaming the Solar System: A Cosmic Art Journey by Blue Whale ft.Johnny Chen.

Planetary motion symbolizes the eternal order and balance, while the luxurious black titanium gold presents a noble and extraordinary taste. Under the artistic creation of Johnny Chen, each planet is meticulously carved with varying strength, allowing each celestial body to emit its unique radiance.


The Sun

The depiction emphasizes geometry, with lines radiating outward from the center, starting thick and gradually becoming thinner. The lines surrounding it, like flame-like ripples, start thin and then become thicker, creating a warm and radiant glow. With each polishing by the artist, it’s as if they are infusing the Sun with even more vitality and vibrancy.


A planet filled with a mysterious aura and unique beauty, Saturn’s distinguishing feature lies in its rings. These rings, when illuminated by light, seem to twinkle and shine, resembling the real Saturn’s exquisite beauty. The interweaving lines of these rings create a mesmerizing sense of three-dimensionality, as if we can envision them dancing in space. Saturn itself is also meticulously crafted, exuding a strong visual allure.



It’s a gem in our universe, gleaming with vitality and life. With delicate strokes on the titanium gold canvas, it sketches the winding mountains and vast oceans, infusing every piece of land with the rhythm of life. Earth’s uniqueness lies in its vibrant blue and green hues and the diversity of life. The artist cleverly captures the immediate sense of our colorful world, and likewise, through subtle variations in lines, captures the tides and flow of the oceans.

Other Planets, Welcome to Savor and Appreciate. Mercury | Jupiter | Neptune | Mars | Venus.


This is not just an artwork, but also a series of praises and respects for the cosmos, the galaxies, and life itself. Each planet, each line, every detail, all come to life in vivid and spectacular ways. It allows people to not only appreciate the beauty of art but also the wonder and mystery of art, imbued with aesthetics and depth, while admiring these marvelous pieces.



Optional Recommendations


Installation service is not included. Please seek local ironworkers for installation.

We can arrange video instructions and guidance on the day of installation.

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