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Star Diamond Series – Star of the Danube.

Artwork Introduction

The Star of the Danube reflects the stars in the sky on the banks of the river. Diamonds in the Danube River ripple with an elegant radiance, becoming even more dazzling after being carefully sculpted by the flowing water.

The Blue Whale design team, in collaboration with the sculptor Jonny Chen, introduces the Star Diamond Series, a limited collection. Drawing inspiration from the “radiance of the stars, like diamonds in the sky,” this series infuses the art of sculpture into the entrance doorways.

The Star Diamond Series represents the refinement of craftsmanship, with every stroke of the sculpting process leaving an indelible mark, making each piece uniquely rare. This collection is introduced as “limited edition” art, with each artwork having an exclusive serial number, the artist’s personal signature, and a certificate for collectors.

With the artist’s life experiences influencing different stylistic changes at various stages, each artwork possesses its own distinctive essence. It is recommended to start your collection early.

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Optional Recommendations


Installation service is not included. Please seek local ironworkers for installation.

We can arrange video instructions and guidance on the day of installation.

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