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May 22, 2020 – Blue Whale ft. Ai Hua “Flower Language” Series Art and Furniture Exhibition by Zheng Aihua

Date: May 22 (Fri) – July 26 (Sun), 9:00 AM – 7:00 PM
Location: Blue Whale Taipei Exhibition Center (No. 28-8, Ankang Road, Neihu District, Taipei City)

“From Ai Hua, With Authenticity!”

The artist Ai Hua’s “Flower Language” series sculptures and oil paintings exhibit grace and wisdom in their posture. Inside the Blue Whale Taipei Neihu Exhibition Center, the solid and sturdy doors exude an aura of comfort as if opening them leads to a peaceful abode.

The collaboration of these two brands, with their natural textures and complementary personalities, naturally fosters a profound connection between art and life.

Visitors are welcome to explore the exhibition, but due to pandemic precautions, visits are by appointment only. Please send a private message to make a reservation.

Ai Hua’s Facebook page: https://reurl.cc/D9xX8e

Zheng Aihua creates oil paintings, sculptures, and photography and has held solo exhibitions in various cities in Taiwan and China. She draws inspiration from resilient rural flowers and plants, creating the “Flower Language” series featuring roses, lilies, wild ginger flowers, osmanthus, lotus flowers, azaleas, and more. As part of the “Flower Language” artistic community, she incorporates the grace of flowers into the realm of daily life, bringing nature into indoor spaces. In her artworks, lotus flowers and their leaves stand tall and graceful in the pond, exuding both strength and delicate beauty.

Blue Whale has been in operation for 37 years since its founding in 1983. In 1992, it completed the development of professional soundproof doors and bedroom soundproof doors. The company has also collaborated with Taiwanese artists to transform soundproof doors into works of art, combining practicality and collectibility.

“Blue whale” and “Ai Hua” have combined their philosophies to support the launch of art exhibitions. During the stagnant and anxious times of the pandemic, they provide a beautiful floral dreamland for their top-tier clients.

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