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May 25, 2019 – Lecture on Music and Spatial Aesthetics

On a warm and blossoming spring afternoon, Blue Whale had the special privilege of inviting Mr. Liu Hansheng, a leading figure in the domestic audiophile community and the editor-in-chief of an audiophile forum, to share insights on how to create the perfect home audio space. This allows you to enjoy music at home that induces the continuous secretion of endorphins.

Why does the same equipment sound better in an audio showroom than at home?

The biggest reason lies in the space. Elements of an audio space include room size, shape, wall and floor materials, items within the space, speaker placement, and listening position, among others. These factors are critical in influencing the enjoyment of music.

On the day of the event, there was also a special treat prepared – adorable whale-shaped macarons as photo-worthy souvenirs.

The event venue featured a selection of exquisite teas and a variety of savory and sweet snacks for sharing.

After the event, Editor-in-Chief Liu Hansheng engaged in discussions and interactions with the audience.

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