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Recommended by interior designers, celebrities, and KOL – Many people are willing to spend time understanding the design details of kitchen appliances, bathrooms, and even a single light fixture or sofa during the interior decoration process. However, among all the building materials, the bedroom door, which is used every day, is often overlooked.

Traditional bedroom doors lack soundproofing, and even with the addition of weatherstripping, many homeowners do not realize the importance of privacy and eliminating unwanted odors inside the room before moving in. Sometimes, to save on costs, they simply opt for wooden doors.

After moving in, they gradually discover issues related to privacy, termites, mosquitoes, indoor odor disturbances, and various noises from daily life. These noises can include the sounds of TVs, stereos, barking pets, crying children, musical instrument practice, and the noise from visitors in the living room when friends and family come over. Not to mention, if there are more than four family members, how can one ensure that the daily routines of each family member do not disturb each other?

If you can incorporate a bedroom soundproof door into the initial design, it will significantly save time, cost, and effort required for future renovations.

A high-quality living experience is an irreplaceable pursuit of the spirit.




Installation service is not included. Please seek local ironworkers for installation.

We can arrange video instructions and guidance on the day of installation.

Door Designs


Bedroom Soundproof Door: Home Noise Solution.

Guesthouse Soundproof Door, Tainan Guesthouse.

Bedroom Soundproof Door, Taipei Li Residence

Bedroom Soundproof Door, Taipei Huang Residence

Bedroom Soundproof Door, Changhua Chen Residence

Bedroom Soundproof Door, Taipei Neihu

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