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Guesthouse and Hotel Fireproof Smoke Containment Soundproof Doors

Product Introduction

How about a relaxing and undisturbed holiday? C’est la vie~

The architectural aesthetics and soundproofing quality of villas and guesthouses are important criteria for many guests when evaluating their stay. Blue Whale soundproof doors for guesthouses were designed with the intention of offering villa owners more choices and enhancing the quality of the guests’ stay. Relax and enjoy your travels!

We not only prioritize performance but also provide a variety of surface materials to match the style of villas and guesthouses. We even offer door replacement during business hours with same-day completion, so you can improve without major renovations.

Our exclusive double airtight soundproof and smoke-containment structure patent not only enhances soundproofing but also ensures guest safety. It effectively blocks dense smoke and odors, increasing evacuation time in case of emergencies. Safe travels, safety first!

Fireproof: F60A fire-resistant structure, capable of withstanding one hour of intense heat, and can be issued a fireproof certificate and labeled accordingly.





Installation service is not included. Please seek local ironworkers for installation.

We can arrange video instructions and guidance on the day of installation.

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